Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photo Shoot - Post Round Hill House Bridal Show

Ever wonder what we do once we get our flowers back from an event?
Well, we redesign floral arrangements and stage photo shoots. This is extremely important to us.
It allows us to create new designs, amp up old ones and do samples for all of your upcoming weddings.

This gives us more control of the environment and the work we do. When we create designs for a wedding or event, we collaborate with our clients.We do what they want, while still putting ourselves in the work.

When we set up a shoot, we use our vision. It’s good for all of you to see all transformations.

We setup two stages for our shoot on two different days.

The first set of photos was directly taken from our Round Hill Bridal Show. We added flowers and manipulated the work. It was a snowy day, giving us a great opportunity to shoot  in the snow. It was so magical. I love how the photos turned out. It feels like a touch of spring, which made me so happy.

The first Bouquet is another example of a “Woodland” Bouquet. We used lots of Moss, Dusty Miller, Raspberries, light pink Wax flower, Scented Geranium, Blueberries, Hops, green Brunia, Galax leaves, Succulents, brown feathers, Huckleberry and Ivy. What is so interesting is how we wrapped the Bouquet in Grapevine and Ivy.

The second Bouquet is a bit of spring. It had yellow Freesia, white Stock, Dusty Miller, Jasmine vines, Raspberries, green Brunia, pink Lisianthus, Scented Geranium, peach Ranunculus, pink Wax flower, Quicksand Roses, peach Tulips, Succulents and white Calla Lilies. I am so excited about the ribbon I found. It is actually felt wool yarn.

Our companion Boutonnière had yellow Freesia, Dusty Miller, and Raspberries, tied with wool yarn.

I love the idea of mixing vintage and modern. For the concrete square arrangement we used “Liberty of London” print and twine.

The flowers and colors were a beautiful mix of peach Garden Roses, Quicksand Roses, Ivy, Dusty Miller, white Calla Lilies, Lilies, peach Ranunculus, Scented Geranium, Vibernum, pink Stock, pink Wax flower, pink Tulips, and Air plants.

We redesigned the raw cork bark from the Round Hill event. Adding more flowers. I love this look, for its natural beauty and diverse designs. We can also get smaller ones.

 The cork stump comes in several sizes. The one we used for an example at Round Hill and our photo shoot is a large one. We used Moss, green Brunia, Succulents, Roses, Air Plants, Italian Ruscus, Ivy, white Stock, Scented Geranium, yellow Freesia, Lilies, Raspberries, and Calla Lilies.

We took a handmade free form cement piece and transformed it using Air Plants, bleached Manzanita branch, Ivy, Lisianthus, Succulents, Moss and Mushrooms.

For the photo shoot, we used a low concrete square. We wanted to use it for the Bridal show but could not fit it on the table.

We used a piece of Driftwood for its sculptural look, several types of Air Plants. Pink Lisianthus, Succulents, green Brunia, Moss, Jasmine vine to mimic the Driftwood, Mushrooms, yellow Freesia, and shards of Rocks.
Continuing a “Woodland” look, we reconfigured the woodland Bouquet into a rustic wood box. We used the same cast of characters, Huckleberry, Blueberries, Wax flowers, Succulents, Lisianthus, Grapevine, Tulip innards, Roses, Dusty Miller, Freesia, and Moss.

 Continuing our photo shoot, I asked Steve to keep redesigning looks. We have a large wood bowl using the same flowers.

Lastly, we took a large bubble Bowl, mossed the bottom, and used rock shards, pink Lisianthus, Succulents, Brunia, Mushrooms and Orchid greens and roots.

This bubble bowl can be used with any design from minimalist, Terrarium to full floral.
please check out our Round Hill House Blog Post from last year's Bridal show

Bridal Show at Round Hill House

At the end of January, we set up a table display for a Round Hill House Bridal show. Every year they set up a tasting where couples can come to meet with vendors, taste the food, and discuss their upcoming wedding. We think it is a good opportunity for Brides to see our work first hand before the season starts. Peter at Round Hill had asked us to set up two floral pieces for his Buffet tables. After the tasting before the guest walked into the room, Steve moved them to our table. We had a lot of designs setup and wish we had a larger one.
Because we know the trends, we designed several styles.

We used a raw cork stump, raw cork bark, a large bubble bowl, a concrete square wrapped with Liberty of London print fabric for a Vintage/ Modern look, 3 sets of rusted cans with Liberty of London print wrapped with twine, cement free form (from the Buffet) and a large Jasmine plant with Manzanita branch, hanging votives, moss and Orchids (from the Buffet).

We brought two styles of Bouquets and a matching Boutonnière. See next post for details.

We had a lot of fun meeting everyone and look forward to a successful season.

We encourage anyone who wants to see our Round Hill work to look through our Blog posts. To see the Fab display at last year’s Round Hill Event check out that post. They show more nice ideas from last year.

The following Post will have detailed photos of our work.