Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sample flowers for upcoming June Wedding, Onteora Mountain House

This is a sample photo for a wedding in June also at Onteora Mountain House. We are alternating several containers and arrangements for this wedding. Here we have a photo of a white square glass arrangement. What is nice about this glass is the fact that the white does not fill the whole glass so you can see the shape. I believe we will be using this white glass often as it is simple and elegant and allows for many styles, colors and types of flowers.

In this case, too, these may not be the same flowers or colors that we are using for the actual wedding but gives a nice visual and scale for everyone involved. The couple picked out interesting old 1946 map that they laminated to you for a table topper. The centerpieces will go on top. I love the colors in the map that are a grey/ lavender with hints of ivory. We have ideas for the linen and napkin colors but will not put it on the Blog until the final wedding.

Sample flowers for upcoming weddings

These are photos of sample arrangement for two upcoming weddings. The first photo is a multiple glass and wild flower look on a long table. The flowers may not be the same flowers or colors we are using for the actual wedding. A sample like this will give the couple and everyone involved a visual idea of what the tables will look like. The bride wants us to use vibrant colors rather than pale muted colors.

Full table view

Another angle

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Grandview -Bridal Shower in April

Before we left for Paris, we did a Bridal Shower for a client we love and will continue to do flowers for many of her occasions.

We have also done flowers for her engagement party. The shower was at The Grandview in Poughkeepsie. It was our first time there.

Here we used spring flowers with shades of purple and colors that went with purple. I love the clean white square glass.

The Registration table was fun and different. The Brides sister bought these metal forms that represented her bridal party. We did a tiny bouquet for the Bridal form.

Tiny Bouquet for Bridal Form on Registration table

           The gift table had a large arrangement in a Ming vase full of pretty spring flowers.

Onteora Mountain House -May first wedding

To kick off our season we did a beautiful May 1st wedding at one of our favorite locations called Onteora Mountain House near Woodstock.
This was the first wedding of their season too.

We say it has a rustic elegance. There is a fabulous view as well as a nice pavilion to do the reception in. The owner, Bob is so nice and he has a great assistant named Jeremy. Everyone who works there is helpful.
The landscape is also beautiful and I really like the Bridal cottage that is higher up the mountain.

Our couple was fun to work with, so nice and with great taste. Their color inspiration was a sunset and was a fun palette to work with.
The bride is from Kentucky and has an association with the Kentucky Derby, which was on the same day. She wanted us to incorporate reds into the centerpieces to honor that.

The bride wanted all the bouquets to be pales shades of peach, pink, and ivory. There were five bridesmaids all wearing a sash with stitching and colors of orange, lavender, red, yellow and dark pink.

We made each Bridesmaids bouquet with an accent color to match.
All the Groomsman’s boutonnière matched the Bridesmaids.
In addition, all the Bridesmaids had sage in their bouquets.

The Bride had all pale shades. We added scented geranium and Bleeding Heart.

Accents of lavender,magenta and yellow
Bride and two Bridesmaids Bouquets

The Red Accent

The Yellow Accent

The Coral Accent

Red Accent close up view- love the sage

a Bridesmaid holding Moms Posies

The Bride's Bouquet with added scented Geranium and Bleeding Heart
We chose grey linen and ivory napkins. There were 10 tables so we alternated pale color Urns and bright “sunset” colored Urns as well as pillar candle arrangements in low dish w/ floral sprays.

This is our new birch Huppah and was the first wedding we used it on.
Since the couple wanted minimal flowers, you can see the Huppah clearly.
                                                              OUR NEW BIRCH HUPPAH/ ARCH

The Bride showed us a photo she liked with greens and hanging flowers.
We used lemon leaf garlands and tied white flowers to them. We also used Weeping Willow and branch.

For their Registration table they also wanted something simple. We used branch to hang their guest names. I like the color of the tags.

My photos are nice but it's great when I can get the professional ones. the following are from  from Josephine Sittenfeld. She's really great. you can find her at
If you remember from above, all the bouquets had accent colors to match their shawls.

Round Hill House -May Wedding

We just finished two May weddings:

This wedding was at Round Hill House in Washingtonville. As we always do, we alternated centerpieces. We love to alternate because it makes the room more interesting for everyone. Couples may have many ideas and cannot decide what styles they should choose. We encourage mixing things up.

Here we alternated a wooden stump that was on a mossed plate with flowers all over. The couple used colored Butterflies to identify their tables and wanted these Butterflies on each centerpiece.

The other tables had tall candelabra’s with lichen branches, Orchids and hanging votives. We used three small bubble bowls at each base with Orchids and Ivy. I loved the branch we found and hope to use it repeatedly all summer.

The third set was an Urn with lots of green and an Artichoke. We use these Urns often because many people like them. They are so nice and elegant with an antique feel. They are so versatile and can look good with all colors and styles. You will see them often on our Blog.