Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Assorted Arches

Here we have several Arch styles.

Assorted Huppahs

The Huppahs

Here we have assorted Huppahs. Even Non Jews are now getting married under a Huppah. It is so nice to get married under a beautiful framed setting. We love it. Just wish more people would spend the money to cover them.

Mother's Posies

These are examples of Mom's Posies. Modern Mothers like to carry small bouquets rather than Corsages. These little bouquets look so nice in photos especially when there is a small bridal party.

Summer centerpieces

We alternated these arrangements for a summer wedding. Some centerpieces were wrapped in burlap and the other arrangements were mini terrariums.

We used this idea for another wedding. 

We wrapped the centerpieces in burlap for the rehearsal dinner and then took, it off and added flowers for the reception.

These are bar arrangements. We used three Bubble Bowls and stacked them to create an interesting look for a “Planet Themed” wedding.
Inside were Orchids, Hydrangea and Calla Lilies, milk and lights.

Baby Showers

These are two pretty examples of baby shower centerpieces. Tammy Baldwin of Charmedplaces.blogspot.com was the planner.

It's really fun to do baby showers, especially for baby girls.

Bouquet style centerpiece and wood box

The bouquets are actually centerpieces for a Bloomberg LLP party. We wrapped them in wire.

The other arrangment is in an old crate