Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Green Wedding at The Garrison & West Park Winery

These were the first of our first June weddings. One was at The Garrison and the other at West Park Winery.
There is a sample of a centerpiece for this Garrison wedding on an early post. I think it is fun and helpful to see a sample and then see how the actually wedding turned out. The containers for this wedding are in an Indian style. Most were metal and textural.

I would say that this wedding was Eco friendly and “Green”.

At every table, we used a large square shaped metal container. They all had green Hydrangea and purple Kale. Each of these tables had companion pieces of two smaller metal containers with matching herbs like flowering Thyme, Variegated Sage and Irish moss. We also used colored bud vases with peach Parrot Tulip and peach Peonies. There were smaller vases with an Herb mix such as Thyme, Bay Leaves, Chamomile and Scented Geranium as well as flowers like Wax flowers.
In the sample, we used a dark purple Tulip that was gorgeous but when we tried to order it, again we were told that Tulip season was ending. We were still able to get a beautiful peach colored Parrot Tulip, which ended up working well with the wedding colors.

It was the bride’s idea to use potted Herbs and an “Indian” look as she lived in India at one time. We brought in a purple Sari for the welcome table and suggested she buy purple over lays in the Little India section of Queens. We had them use grey linen with an ivory underlay. The color of the napkins did not come out as planned and we didn't like the fold. The wedding took place in the day but it is always nice to use candles. We used red colored glass votives to complete the look.
I am including several photos and angles of the tables. I want to show detail of the vases for future brides. There are so many things going on with these arrangements that I feel it is nice to show more than one photo of them to highlight different features.

The weather was not cooperating all day. It was hot and humid and threatened to rain. The Garrison is such a beautiful place that wherever you choice for the ceremony will still work. There are two other ceremony spots depending on how much rain and wind end up on your wedding day.

For this wedding, we brought our handmade wrought iron Huppah as a back up plan. We used it under their pavilion so it was still outside and beautiful.
Otherwise, the Huppah is set up inside by where the Sweetheart table normally goes. (See earlier entries for Sweetheart table area). You still get a great view but the turn around in the room can be difficult for us.

The Registration table was also outside. We used large flowerpots displayed and our wine crates.

Our Welcome table display was pretty too. This is normally where we do the Registration table. We love their antique wood table so it is a perfect place to use as a Welcome or Registration table.

We used Ivy, petals, a large glass vase with flowers and two Mom’s Posies.

The Bride’s bouquet was really pretty and different. We used mostly herbs such as Geranium, 3 different types of Chamomile, Sage flowers and Thyme. We added Wax flower, dark purple/black Violets, and Lavender and Nigella flowers. I tied it with two shades of purple ribbon for an Indian flair.

Unfortunately, I was only able to take a photo at home. I hope to get some photos from their photographer.

This wedding was at West Park Winery near the Hudson River between Kingston and New Paltz. You drive up a hill and see a cute little winery. Unfortunately, it is not a working winery but there are elements remaining.

On this wedding we worked with a really great party Planner named Lydia Fitzgerald of Charmed
She is great to work with so helpful, calm and professional. We highly recommend her.

First, the wedding reception was going to be inside but I am glad that they went with the tent because it is lighter. Inside is  very dark heavy looking and feels more “fall” to me.

Bride and Groom's view
For this wedding we used our Birch Huppah which is really pretty but a pain in the @*^*%*#^ to setup. We have to figure out a better system as it can take over an hour with two or more people. Steve set it up under a big tree and used the tree as part of the display.
Detail at the bottom of the screen door
The Registration was our old screen door. We used two bails of straw with Ivy and flowers growing out of it.

The Bride wanted a more “Modern” look for her centerpieces. Here we used multiple sized white ceramic squares for a very clean look on half the tables. In the centerpieces we used Green Hydrangea, white Stock, green and white Parrot Tulips, green Orchids, Variegated Ivy, Scabiosa Pods, and Succulents. Each table had moss-covered frames.

 On the other tables with our wrought iron candelabras, we used ivy, green Orchids, hanging votives, pillar candles and 3 small bubble bowls at each base with Hydrangea and Kale.

It is hard to see the hanging votives but look really close

The bubble bowls had green Hydrangea and a green/white Kale. As you can see, the colors for the reception were white and green.

I really like the Sweetheart table. We used a summer garland mix with Moss, Orchids, Ivy, Scabiosa Pods and Succulents.
 I also liked the cocktail area as it was near an overgrown logia that had  grape vines and leaves covering it. In the bar arrangement we used green Hydrangea, Kale, green and white Parrot Tulips, and white Veronica.

We alternated cocktails. Half the tables had a flat rock, Moss, Succulent and our lantern with an Orchid and Wax Flowers. The other half had moss and a succulent.

For the Bride’s bouquet, we used white Stock, Parrot Tulips, white Veronica, Nigella Flower, Chamomile, Thyme, Scabiosa Pods and a wine colored Celosia.

The Boutonnières were also really nice. We used white Veronica, a Scabiosa Pod, wine colored Celosia, Thyme, a Bay Leaf, Nigella and Wax Flower. I love how the Nigella Flowers have a feather feel to it.

I cannot wait to see the professional photos of the wedding and bouquets. I was only able to photograph them on an old piano.

We got the professional photos from both photographers - see other posts.