Monday, October 5, 2009

Steven Bruce Design's 2009 Floral Design Season

As our Wedding season approaches the end, we reflect on our work on bygone Spring and Summer days and nights.

We started the season in May, creating floral for a couple of cadets who were marrying at West Point and then going off to Iraq. Although we don't believe in war it was still nice giving to these soldiers. West Point was beautiful and full of history. My thought went out to my Dad, a POW from WWII. He is still alive and it made me want to know more about it.

I took a photo of a Bridesmaid bouquet sticking out of a cannon. That was cool.

The next series of wedding were in June. Lots of fun and great Brides. I love our summer work. The Summer in the Hudson Valley is very inspirational. We like to look at nature when designing our work. Many times we look to the forest and design centerpieces to look like they were scooped up from a dense mossed and fern filled forest. We LOVE to bring nature into a room.

We created a lot of centerpieces using fruits and vegetables this year. The trends are bright/ vibrant colors with elements of nature.

One wedding for a girl who was totally into Rock & Rock . We created centerpieces in wood boxes with barbed wire wraped around it. so cool

We did a beautiful early Fall wedding at Onteora Mountain house near Woodstock. We LOVE this place. Totally isolated, peaceful and beautiful. Rustic charm and really nice people work there so it is always a pleasure. Every spot there is picturesque so you can't loose.

This wedding is magazine worthy so we hope it will be published somewhere.

We were able to use Anemone which is surprisingly hard to find when a bride wants it. We used white, pale pale pink all with a black center. We used black feathers which added a sexy touch to the bouquets. the Bride was beautiful and all the detail of the wedding were perfect. I just wish the budget was bigger so we could do more. We alternated 3 different centerpieces and everything looked so elegant.

Two days later we did two bouquets for a photo shoot for Brides Magazine and will be featured nationally. We will have a full page for at least one bouquet. One bouquet was created with Brides Mag in mind but the other bouquet was created for us. The Brides Mag bouquet was beautifully traditional and elegant. We used shades of pink, white and ivory flowers and kiwi branch. Both were in the "Cascade" style for a feature story about other style bouquets.

The "Other" bouquet was totally our design. This was built on a piece of Driftwood that I found in the Reservoir. The idea for this was that the flowers and foliage were found growing on the driftwood naturally. We used green and purple striped leaves, Succulents, and flowers like Orchids, Calla Lilies and Roses. All in shades of Green and Burgundy.

We have a few more Fall jobs so I will write more soon

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