Thursday, May 27, 2010

Terrapin and Warwick Winery -May Weddings

We just finished two nice weddings.
Here we alternated four styles of centerpieces. The bride was nice and wanted a natural looking wedding. It was at a winery called Warwick winery in Warwick NY. It was a pretty natural looking place out in the middle of farm country.

The first centerpiece is our raw cork stump. It is something new that we have found and this is the first wedding we used it. It is a natural bark with lichen on it.
we used multiple glass with wild flowers and a gardened look. We used glass that we have collected for months as well as some we bought.
photo of our wood crate with a wild flower feel
In the ceremony area, we used two cool Urns with lots of Delphinium and Myrtle. This was also the first time we used these Urns and I love them. I also love the look of the tall grass behind the Urn.

Maid of Honor
The Maid of Honor had a similar bouquet tied with natural Muslin.

Brides Bouquet
I love these bouquets. The bride’s bouquet was very pretty. We used Thistle, Grass, Feathers, Wheat, Maidenhair Fern and assorted flowers such as Muscari and Hyacinth and tied it with a natural rope.
We used a round ceramic pot for this arrangement still using a garden look

The Buffet table had our birch stumps with a monochromatic floral look

For the Registration, we used our Birch branch for the table cards and added Moss and Succulents.

This couple got married early at a church and I did not have the time to photograph the bouquets. I will wait for the photographer’s photos but I did take a close-up of the bouquet when the bride arrived and then a photo with one of the groomsmen holding a bouquet with the Groom.

We used shades of pink flowers such as Peony, Orchid and Parrot Tulip. The bride's ribbon was black and I added a sheer plum.

I also got a quick photo of a bridesmaid with a bouquet. She had a pretty green dress on and the bouquet looked great. We used a silver ribbon with a plum ribbon wrapped around it.

This was an interesting wedding. The Bride loves literature and poetry so we custom created a runner for her using eight different poems. We spent a week making this runner and it came out great. I absolutely love it. Cannot tell you how we made it but I will tell you we stained it with coffee grinds and brewed coffee, Tea, wax and dirt. The runner was 47 feet long. They had one long table that fit 50 guests. The tables had sets of Urns, Bud Vases, English Cloches and Candelabra’s. We used Sage colored Votives and Pillar Candles

I wanted to show the detail of the runner with all the poems. There is a mix of E.E Cummings, Oscar Wilde etc… I will have to look back and see the rest.
With the Registration Table, we used a Manzanita Branch, pink Orchids, Jewels and our old Bird Cage for the gifts. The bride names the tables after authors
The photographer for this wedding was nice enough to send us a disk. Since they got married in a church we never got to see the ceremony. There are some really nice photos here. The following photos were taken by Maximilian Nucci. You can find him at

Here is a sample table for an upcoming wedding in early June. The bride wants mostly herb arrangements and an Indian vibe. The larger “centerpiece” in a square metal container has green Hydrangea and purple Kale with Variegated Ivy. We are going to substitute the Terracotta Pots for more of the metal Indian looking pots. We plan on alternating the potted herbs but keeping the large square centerpiece the same. We plan to use Sage, Lavender and Thyme. In addition, we are going to use more of a wildflower/gardened look to the glass Bud Vase arrangements. Colors and style may change.

 Stay tuned for the real thing.