Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Onteora Mountain House and Hunter Mountain Resort -July weddings

OK I know, every time I see one of Steve’s bouquets I say it is my favorite. I love them all.

This time I think Steve really out did himself with these. It is really true that the flower choices and colors dictate how the bouquets and centerpieces will turn out.

We finally got the chance to use Lady Slipper Orchids. The funny thing is we haven’t really used them in the past but both Brides from this weekend had them in their bouquets. We are going to be using them for a bride this coming weekend too.

One bride’s colors were green, ivory, white, pale yellow with a touch of lavender. The other bride’s bouquet had shades of purple.

The first wedding I am posting is from Onteora. It was a hot beautiful day with clear skies. I didn’t get to stay to take photos of the bridal party, which is always a shame for me. I like taking my own photos, as I know what shots we need. I did have the opportunity to shoot the bouquets and room.

This bouquet is very calming to me. It takes me back to our April trip to Paris when we went to Monet’s house and garden. It looks like a watercolor painting. I love the natural feeling and soft texture.

 The flowers for this bouquet were white Stock, white and lavender Sweet pea, pale yellow Snapdragon, white Veronica, yellow Freesia, pale yellow Lily, Scented Geranium, Fiddlehead Fern, green Cymbidium Orchids and green Lady Slippers Orchids.

The Maid of Honor bouquet was similar to the bride but with pale yellow Stock. Green Roses and Lady’s Mantle. The brides Maids bouquets were the same as the Maid of Honor but without the lavender Sweet pea.

 For the Reception, we alternated tables. We used our raw cork stumps, our antiqued urns and set of Tribal vases. The bride picked Champagne linens that looked nice with the colors of the centerpieces.

In the Tribal Vases, we used green Lady Slippers, Fiddlehead Ferns, yellow Snap Dragon, white Sweet pea and white Scabiosa flowers.

In the cork stump, we had white Stock, Scented Geranium, pale yellow Lilies; white Scabiosa flowers, green Spider Mums and Succulents.

The urns were similar except we used pale yellow Stock, green Roses and Queen Anne’s lace.

For the Registration table we used birch stumps and our birch logs as cardholders. In the stumps we used Pepper Berry, Goldenrod (the flower market version that does not cause you to sneeze) and pale yellow Lilies.

The cocktail tables had yellow Snapdragons, purple Kale, yellow Spider Mums, ivory Roses, Ivy and Spanish moss in a Deco style container.

The following photos were taken by the couples photographer who was kind enough to send us a disk. We have worked with him before and he is very good as you can see. His name is Erik Eckroth. You can see his Blog post and view his work at:

 I believe I posted a few of his photos from this wedding on another Blog post. This Blog post seems to be popular so I thought I would add the additional photos. I know that I added a lot and have repeats but this wedding was so nice. I also love when photos capture how beautiful Onteora is.

 This wedding was on July 4th at Onteora Mountain House. The Bride was really nice and mellow and is also local. Our daughter Scarlett Lily turned two on the same day. We were able to do the wedding and also celebrate her birthday with a party. As everyone might remember, it was very hot all around. It is better to be hot then raining. It was a beautiful clear day.
I didn’t get to go to this wedding at all, so I only had the opportunity to photograph at our place. I hope that I will get copies from their photographer to post later.
This is another gorgeous bouquet. Here we have green Roses, lavender and purple Stock, burgundy Calla Lily, purple & lavender Sweet pea, lavender Scabiosa flowers, black and lavender Pansies, purple Freesia, Muscari and purple Lady Slippers.

This is a pinned Corsage with a purple Lady Slipper, Scabiosa Pod and flower, Allium, Ivy and purple Freesia.

We alternated tables with black ceramic squares, bubble bowls and cylinders (I did not get a photo of those).

In the squares, we had seeded Eucalyptus, Dahlia, Orchids, purple Lisianthus, Roses, kale, Allium, Veronica, stock and Delphinium. We used the same flowers for the bubble bowls.

The following photos were taken by Cynthia Delconte. Check out her website at

First, we did a rehearsal dinner using our rusted cans with a wild flower look on red and white Gingham linen. The dinner was at The Windham Country club.

The wedding was at Hunter Mountain

Another hot day in the country. At least it wasn’t as hot up in the mountains. We set up the reception first and then dropped off the bouquets. The bride wanted the bouquets to be shades of white, ivory and green. The ceremony was on top of the mountain. We jumped on a lift to setup the ceremony. I took a ride up too so that I could take photos. The ride took 17 minutes so by the time I got up I had to turn around and leave. I needed to photograph the reception area. I was disappointed at first because the bridal party was on their way up for photographs. Then as I was going down, I realized that they were on their way up and I was lucky to be able to get some cool shots.

It was also nice to be able to be in my thoughts for a time, listen to the birds, and wind through the trees. A very peaceful and needed break.

The tables were simple. We used different sized and colored glass. We had a large centerpiece in an urn that had Lady’s Mantle, Mums, Seeded Eucalyptus, Delphinium, Scabiosa flowers and….some sort of dark grass (I need to check the name).