Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brides Magazine Samples -Harvest,Rock & Roll and Vintage arrangements

I am posting some sample arrangements we love. We call this arrangement a “Harvest Centerpiece”. We used local Heirloom Tomatoes on the vine, Wax Beans on the vine, Concord Grapes on the vine as well as Kale, defoliated Sunflowers, yellow Freesia, blue Delphinium, Coleus leaves, green Hydrangea, Black Beauty Roses, Abracadabra Roses, Sumatra Lilies and Ivy in a black Urn.

Harvest centerpiece
This is a sample of a Rock and Roll centerpiece. It will have harder & rougher elements in it. For the sample, we used Sumatra Lilies, black Dahlias, black Scabiosa flowers, Black Beauty Roses, burgundy Lady Slipper Orchids, and Rock Candy and rusted Chicken Wire in a cement container.

Rock & Roll
The flowers used for this last arrangement was from last week’s vintage style wedding. I love this arrangement as well as the entire wedding. We had the opportunity to play with Baby’s Breath again, which was so much fun as we hardly ever get to.
Vintage centerpiece in Milk Glass
We used two types of Chamomile, white Scabiosa flowers, ivory Lisianthus, Baby’s Breath, Queen Anne’s lace, white Snap Dragon, Dusty Miller, green Hellebores, Stars of Bethlehem and Varigated Ivy.

Rusted Can with "Liberty of London" print

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding at Buttermilk Falls

This wedding was at Buttermilk Falls. The place is gorgeous; you have to check it out. Here is their web site:  Ask for Adam, he is lovely.

This Bride chose to get married up here in the Hudson valley even though she is from Long Island and everyone had to schlep up here but boy is it worth it. This was a rustic yet elegant wedding.
There were many purple elements to the d├ęcor, which makes me happy, as I love purple.

For the Brides bouquet, we used dark burgundy Calla Lilies, Black Beauty Roses, red/ yellow Roses, Lady’s Mantle, Fiddlehead Fern, Scabiosa flower and a purple Anemone.

Brides Bouquet
The Maid of Honor’s bouquet was a smaller version but without the Anemones.

There were many Brides Maids. Half of them got lavender Stock, Scabiosa Pods and cream with plum center Calla Lilies. We wrapped them in silver ribbon. The other half got pale yellow Stock, Scabiosa Pods and cream with plum center Calla Lilies. We wrapped these in violet ribbon.

The Mom’s Posies were really cute. They had lavender Stock, ivory Lisianthus, pale pink Roses and Fern.

The Cocktail arrangements were in rustic wood boxes with wine Dahlias, ivory Lisianthus, green Hydrangea, purple Stock, lavender Roses, Fern and red/yellow Roses.

On all the Aisle chairs at the ceremony site by the swan pond were dried Lavender.

The Ceremony Arch had purple and green Hydrangea, lavender Roses, stock, and purple Lady Slipper Orchids with a summer mix Garland.

There were twenty-five long tables; each got wooden boxes with purple Orchids, green Hydrangea, and purple Stock, lavender Roses, two Artichokes and Ivy. In addition, there were budvases with wine colored Dahlias at each end.

For the bar, we used a low metal dish with river rocks and a mix of purple Stock, blue Delphinium, purple Orchids and green Hydrangea.

Finally, we have a large metal column on a table display with fresh Curly Willow, Sumatra Lilies and purple Delphinium.
The Spa
Scarlett during setup

View of the Hudson River from the tent

Wedding at Minnewaska Lodge

This wedding I am posting was at Minnewaska Lodge nestled in the Shawangunk Mountains. We had never done a wedding there before. The staff was very nice and the views were great. It is a nice place to have a wedding.

This couple was very nice and fun to work with. It was such a pleasure and warmed our hearts to get emails from the Bride telling us how inspired she was by our work as she followed our Blog. It almost felt like the pressure was up as she had such confidence in our abilities and we did not want to disappoint. Moreover, I think we did not disappoint, as she seemed super happy.
For the ceremony, we wrapped a summer mixed garland around our wrought iron arch. The couple wanted yellow and rust Sunflowers. For the aisle, we used the largest Sunflower heads you have ever seen.

The Entry arrangement was in a large clay Urn with Sunflowers, Curly Willow and blue Delphinium.

There were six long tables with multiple arrangements. We used glass bottles and ceramic containers filled with rust Dahlias, yellow and rust Sunflowers, and green Hydrangea and rust Gerberas.

The Cocktail tables arrangements had rust Gerber Daisies and yellow Freesia and were in root beer bottles.

On the Harvest table was a large arrangement with Delphinium, Hydrangea and grass.

The bar arrangement was in a wooden box with blue Delphinium and rust Sunflowers.

It was so sweet of the Bride who gave this arrangement to her Groom as a gift. We filled it with green Hydrangea, Rust Gerberas, and rust Ranunculus, Stars of Bethlehem, green hellebores and Ivy.

The Bride’s Bouquet had a nice mix of dark rich colors and lighter ones. Steve used wine/burgundy Dahlias, pale yellow Stock, Lady’s Mantle, yellow Freesia, orange/yellow Ranunculus, black Scabiosa flowers and brown Fiddlehead Fern. I added Rosemary, variegated Sage, and Thyme.

The Maid of Honor bouquet was a smaller version of the Brides bouquet. In addition, it had red/yellow speckled Roses and no Fiddlehead Fern.

The Brides Maid bouquet also had red/yellow Roses but had no ivory Stock.

There were two Mom’s posies that had wine Dahlias, green Hydrangea, yellow Freesia and Chamomile.

Vintage Style Shadow Lawn wedding

We finished three great weddings this weekend, all special and completely different. The first one was at a barn and stone house in High Falls called Shadow Lawn.
Amanda, the Bride had many great ideas. She was into a real vintage look and the wedding was full of fun vintage details. From the ceremony area where we used two old wooden ladders with clusters of glass and ceramic containers filled with three types Chamomile, Dusty Miller, white Dahlias, white Scabiosa flowers, green Hydrangea, Curly Willow, green Hellebores and Queen Anne’s lace. The ladders helped to frame the couple as they got married to the Welcome table with lemonade and a mailbox for notes to the couple.

Ceremony area

At the photo booth, area there was an old table, couch, and ladder with patterned fabric used as a photo background. We had a Baby’s Breath floral spray on the table and a can with white Roses on the ladder.

The Cocktail Tables and Bar had rusted Cans wrapped in “Liberty of London” prints and jute. The flowers used were green Hellebores, white and brown Alstromeria, white Dahlias, and white Roses.

 Now this is really cool and a bold choice of the Brides, keeping with her vintage inspiration. The bride’s bouquet was 90% Baby’s Breath with spots of two types of Chamomile, Wax Flower and a hint of Stars of Bethlehem. I wrapped it in an ivory Vintage style lace ribbon. Her Brides Maids had more Wax Flower, Chamomile, Stars of Bethlehem and Dusty Miller with a bit less Baby’s Breath. At first, we were going to use silver ribbon but after seeing the bouquets, we felt like there was already a lot of silver in the bouquets. We decided to use Taupe, which was definitely the right choice. I love these bouquets and actually really like baby’s Breath. When used in abundance it looks so sweet and pretty. It is definitely a vintage look and I know that in Europe it doesn’t inspire such negative connotations.

Brides Bouquet

Brides Eye View

Brides Maid
For the Groom and Groomsmen we used Dusty Miller, Wax Flower, Baby’s Breath and white Spray Roses. I wrapped them in Jute twine.
Groom's Boutonierre

On the Reception, tables in the barn were multiple pieces of glass of various sizes and styles. We used green, ivory and white flowers. The flowers used were a mix of Snap Dragons, Scabiosa flowers, Dahlias, Hellebores, Lisianthus, Queen Anne’s lace, Hydrangea, and Stock.

The Bride brought a lot of fun props like her collection of old bottles, books and lace Doilies. We decorated their Sweetheart Table with these elements giving it a warm homey feel. There was a local map displayed on the table with a heart around High Falls. It added an adorable and personal element to the couples table.

Sweetheart Table

Map of the area