Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Green Wedding - The Garrison, West Park Winery

I wanted to add these bouquet photos to the top of our Blog. I just got them from the photographer Christopher Duggan at

I will also be adding more additional photos to the original post on June 9th. and raves about the photographer.
I have already posted a photo that I took of this bouquet that many of you have commented on and said that you like it. I really like it too. There are three types of Chamomile, Scented Geranium, Thyme, Rosemary and Wax flower.

I just got some photos from a cool and fun photographer named Beau States. He nice, cute and laid back. He took the following. Check out his web site at I will be posting more on the original post soon.

I am so happy. I finally got these photos from our first wedding couple of the season, all the way back in March. I have photos posted  but never got to take any of the ceremony or of the bridal party. I am posting a couple of photos on this new post but then adding to the old March post. I also have to double check to give a photo credit as the couple made us a disk. They were so nice to work with too. I really like these bouquets. Great early spring flowers.

 After this weekend we will have many photos to add, we have three weddings.