Thursday, August 19, 2010

Woodland Inspirational samples

Finally, I have our “Woodland” bouquet and centerpiece ready to show you. As I mentioned before, I had a vision of these and wanted desperately to see it come to fruition. I am inspired by nature and have been pondering how to bring the woods into a bouquet and centerpiece. I wanted the focal point of the bouquet to be the moss and river rocks. I wanted the flowers to be secondary. I also wanted it to look like the moss was growing over the rocks. I love when I see this in nature. Since this is our first attempt, there are several other ideas and Modifications which can be used. I ordered flowers that would look like they belonged in the forest. I instructed Steve to make the bouquet how I envisioned it. I cannot explain all the inner working of the construction. I wanted some of the rocks to have small amounts of Reindeer Moss attached by wire. I wanted to see the wire as well.

In the bouquet, there are river rocks, three types of Moss, Tweedia, Agapanthus, Brunia, Lady’s Mantle and Scabiosa Pods.

For the Boutonniere, I used Tweedia, Lady’s Mantle, Brunia, Moss, Wax flower, a river stone and a small Guinea feather. I know this looks big but it is only because the photo is a closeup.

I made the centerpiece similar to the bouquet then I added Ivy, Fern, Hosta leaves and small vines.

I am showing several detailed photos so you can see what we used close up.

I absolutely love what we did for these arrangements. I would love to see some driftwood or Kiwi vine in the centerpiece. I would love to see some fern, small branch or driftwood in the bouquet.

I am sharing some photos of our two-year-old Scarlett Lily. Boy did I have to make a fuss to get any photos with our work.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Private home- Wedding in August

We just finished another great wedding at a private home. What a beautiful day, nice weather with low humidity. Seems like August weather is turning out nicer than June and July. I love the ideas Steve & I come up with. We make a good team  Wait until you see what I have in mind for a bouquet and companion piece, this coming week. I had a vision and an inspiration and have ordered the flowers for the sample idea –stay tuned.

The Bride for this wedding wanted her Brides Maids to have white and ivory flowers. Their dresses were very colorful therefore; she wanted the bouquets to be simple. We used ivory Garden Roses, white Dahlias, white Stock, white Veronica, pale yellow Snap Dragon and Nigella Pods.

The Maids of Honor bouquets were a bit more colorful. We used peach Stock, blue Delphinium, yellow Snap Dragon, Cherry Brandy Roses, pale purple and white Scabiosa flowers, white and purple Veronica and red/orange berries.

The Bride’s bouquet had green Roses, white Dahlia, purple Scabiosa flowers, Scabiosa Pods, white Stock, red Celosia, white Veronica and the same red/ orange berries.

For the table arrangements, we mixed the couple’s containers and our glass. The idea for the reception tent was to use soft colors while the cocktail tables had a more wildflower garden feel with brighter colors.

In the table centerpieces, we used blue/white/green Hydrangea, white Dahlia, Artichoke, Seeded Eucalyptus, Nigella Pods and Ivy. The companion pieces had Hydrangea and Scabiosa flowers. There were some nice touches to the tent; I would like to point out. Although we did not do this, I think it is a great idea. There were branches lining the entire tent to give the feel of a natural fence. There were also many branches with leaves around the tent poles. I also liked the paper lanterns above the tent.

The entry arrangements were in front of the barn. They were on our handmade metal stands. We used Millet, Eremerus, Amaranths, and Delphinium. We hung Ivy plants and used old buckets above. I believe the guests walked through the barn into the cocktail area.

How cool is this Registration area? Steve’s brilliant idea was after seeing this retaining wall of the barn. I am showing the transformation of this idea. First, we hung budvases with Cherry Brandy Roses and orange berries and rope vine. Then we clipped clothes hangers, finally adding the guest cards and hanging Mercury Glass votives. We did not know how the guest cards looked until they were ready to hang. Of course, this idea can be modified for any look.

Next to the Registration wall, Steve made this nice window box arrangement using Snap Dragons, Seeded Eucalyptus, Delphinium, Stock and Amaranths.

There were two bars. That’s Jonathan in this photo. I love the couples old metal can. We used several colored Snap Dragons and Scabiosa flowers.

These are assorted cocktail arrangements waiting for set up. They look so pretty clustered together. They are simply Snap Dragons, Scabiosa flowers, and Stock.

The reflections in these photos are so interesting, Thank you Amanda (our lovely assistant) for letting me know. It’s magic

Second Bar

Second Bar
The caterer for this wedding was Main Course catering located in New Paltz. We work with them often. They have great food and a great staff.Check out their website, you will see a lot of our work there. Bruce, the owner does a really nice Buffet display so we like creating something special. I could not stay for the set up so I do not know how it turned out. I will post it once their photographer sends us the photos. We used our Grecian column with a large piece of glass inside. You can see other examples from our Vera Wang jobs. Anyway, inside the glass, we used branches with leaves & berries and added Roses tied to rope vine. At the bottom, we used LED lights that glow. I bet it looked great at night. Then Steve hung more Roses on rope vine. In addition, he made a nice arrangement in the couple’s old wooden bucket. Inside where Snap Dragons, Delphiniums, Eremerus, Seeded Eucalyptus and Ivy. I am very impressed by this arrangement.

I thought for this Blog post that I would show more of the behind the seen process. I think it is nice seeing the transformation of a wedding.

It's Steve wearing the hat

In this photo of the porch, I would like to show our Solar Soji hanging lanterns. They come in several colors and styles. There are also styles with a base to use on a table or on the ground. They are really nice.