Thursday, August 19, 2010

Woodland Inspirational samples

Finally, I have our “Woodland” bouquet and centerpiece ready to show you. As I mentioned before, I had a vision of these and wanted desperately to see it come to fruition. I am inspired by nature and have been pondering how to bring the woods into a bouquet and centerpiece. I wanted the focal point of the bouquet to be the moss and river rocks. I wanted the flowers to be secondary. I also wanted it to look like the moss was growing over the rocks. I love when I see this in nature. Since this is our first attempt, there are several other ideas and Modifications which can be used. I ordered flowers that would look like they belonged in the forest. I instructed Steve to make the bouquet how I envisioned it. I cannot explain all the inner working of the construction. I wanted some of the rocks to have small amounts of Reindeer Moss attached by wire. I wanted to see the wire as well.

In the bouquet, there are river rocks, three types of Moss, Tweedia, Agapanthus, Brunia, Lady’s Mantle and Scabiosa Pods.

For the Boutonniere, I used Tweedia, Lady’s Mantle, Brunia, Moss, Wax flower, a river stone and a small Guinea feather. I know this looks big but it is only because the photo is a closeup.

I made the centerpiece similar to the bouquet then I added Ivy, Fern, Hosta leaves and small vines.

I am showing several detailed photos so you can see what we used close up.

I absolutely love what we did for these arrangements. I would love to see some driftwood or Kiwi vine in the centerpiece. I would love to see some fern, small branch or driftwood in the bouquet.

I am sharing some photos of our two-year-old Scarlett Lily. Boy did I have to make a fuss to get any photos with our work.

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