Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brides Bouquet featured in Brides magazine

Now, this is our driftwood Bouquet which we created for Brides Magazine.
We were asked to do the "pink bouquet" for the magazine's story titled “The New Shape of Bouquets”
We asked them if we could create a Bouquet that was our idea and personal style.
Everyone seemed to love it and it will be in the magazine somewhere. We are still hoping it will be a full page but we aren't sure there will be space for a full page.
This is an interesting bouquet that came to me in a dream after I took a walk through the Ashokan Reservoir. I saw driftwood floating with plants growing on it. I thought, "life finds a way". see above photo
So, I searched and then this great and perfect piece of driftwood was lying there. It was meant to be, the right one just appeared in front of me.
I told my husband and design partner, Steve about it and he loved the idea. We have created driftwood bouquets before.
The idea for this bouquets is to use natural looking floral and foliage. Using mostly green and burgundy/ purple color flowers. We also used Succulents and fern.
Both bouquets turned out great. Please visit our website (- Press section/ Brides magzine)

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