Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sample flowers for upcoming June Wedding, Onteora Mountain House

This is a sample photo for a wedding in June also at Onteora Mountain House. We are alternating several containers and arrangements for this wedding. Here we have a photo of a white square glass arrangement. What is nice about this glass is the fact that the white does not fill the whole glass so you can see the shape. I believe we will be using this white glass often as it is simple and elegant and allows for many styles, colors and types of flowers.

In this case, too, these may not be the same flowers or colors that we are using for the actual wedding but gives a nice visual and scale for everyone involved. The couple picked out interesting old 1946 map that they laminated to you for a table topper. The centerpieces will go on top. I love the colors in the map that are a grey/ lavender with hints of ivory. We have ideas for the linen and napkin colors but will not put it on the Blog until the final wedding.

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