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Indian Wedding Oak Hill and Hunter Mountain - July weddings

These photos are of an Indian rehearsal dinner and wedding that was held at “Oak Hill” near Hudson, NY. It’s a beautiful property owned by the Livingstons who still live there. We worked and collaborated with on the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

There were 350 guests at this wedding. We did flowers on 35 long tables with multiple pieces of glass and wood boxes.

The Rehearsal dinner was in a really nice barn on the property and the wedding was in a huge tent.

I thought the rehearsal dinner flowers for this wedding was really interesting. We alternated low wooden square boxes with Twig Balls.

The boxes were mossed and then we added Kale, yellow Mums (an Indian tradition), Scabiosa flowers, Lemon leaf, Safflower and Butterflies. I think these boxes have many possible uses for any style and types of flowers. I love the simplicity and clean feel to these.

In the Twig balls we used Kale, Mums, Tea Roses, Jasmine vines, Orchids and Butterflies. I love the organic form and structural feel to these. It’s cool how the flowers and Butterflies become part of the twig vines.

 The cocktail tables had purple Stock, yellow Mums, purple Veronica, Safflower and Kale in colored glass squares. I love the colors used for the whole wedding.

In an Indian wedding, traditionally, I believe only the bride carries a bouquet. The bridesmaids for this wedding carried fruit. Right now, I only have photos of the bouquet.

The brides bouquet has white Astilbe, purple and white Scabiosa flowers, purple Lisianthus, white Veronica, white Stock, green Hydrangea, Nigella Pods, red Celosia, and peach Peony and was tied with white and gold rope.

There is a certain time that the couple needs to get married according to tradition. Steve had to decorate the Man dap (an Indian ceremony structure) at 6:00 am as the couple was set to marry at 7:30am. Then there is a break for several hours until the reception.

How cute is this baby fox running around? I had to sneak in this photo on my Blog. I took it before the reception started and it puts a smile on my face.

Here is the stunning Livingston mansion. You cannot go into the house but the property is also beautiful with views of the river, which makes a lovely setting for any wedding.

Charmed Places designed the decor and area around the dance floor and I love the color choices and fabric. We designed the floral. The tables all had burlap overlays. We used blue and chartreuse colored antique glass and gold mercury glass votives.

The flowers we used were Stock, Peony, Hydrangea, Lisianthus and Lilies. The head table had a beautiful blue runner that the couple brought back from India.

At each table were two wood crates and several pieces of glass. The wooden crates were mossed and had green Hydrangea, Sumatra Lilies, and Lisianthus, Kale and Stock.

 The cocktail arrangements for the wedding were in rustic wooden squares with Sumatra Lilies, purple Stock, Peonies, red Roses, and purple Veronica.

I love these peach Peonies but in the summer heat, they open fast and then they shed their petals. There are certain things that we have no control over.

How pretty and cool are the bride’s mendhi hands. I love the artwork.

This wedding was at Hunter Mountain. The bouquets were really pretty. The Brides bouquet had shades of green flowers. We used green Lady Slipper Orchids, green Cymbidium Orchids, green Roses, white Veronica, pale yellow Spider Mums, Scabiosa Pods, green Hydrangea, white Freesia, white Astilbe, white Stock and white Lisianthus. The Brides Maids had similar bouquets except with lavender Stock, more Astilbe and purple Veronica.

                   We alternated Bubble Bowls and square glass with pebbles in them.

The Bubbles bowls had Orchids, Calla Lilies, pale yellow Spider Mums, Veronica, Hydrangea and Artichokes. Who knew that artichokes bloomed? Check out the purple bloom on the Artichoke, how cool and surprising is that.

In the squares, we used pale pink Stock, green Hydrangea, white Veronica, purple Lisianthus, Orchids, green Roses and Artichokes.

The following photos were given to me by the photographer. His name is John Iannelli and you can find him at

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