Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Garrison - photo shoot

On Tuesday, we did flowers for a photo shoot at The Garrison. They are redoing their web site. The old web site does not do the place justice. We had discussed the possibility of a feature on their website and jumped to the opportunity. It’s a nice collaboration and great exposure. We designed a table arrangement for the larger table and then for a Sweetheart table. We also added a bouquet. I helped Jennifer O’Toole, one of the Banquet Managers pick out the linen, and chargers. I had her get Raffia and Irish Flaxen Linen. The arrangements in the photos below are on Raffia linen. We have used both style linens on weddings and events. Both are really pretty. The Raffia has a nice texture, has more of a rustic feel while the Irish Flaxen is actual linen, and is more elegant. You can see examples of Irish Flaxen on an earlier post (May 29th at the Garrison). The Chargers were Rattan and we used gold Mercury Glass Votives.

For the larger table we used peach Stock, purple Hydrangea, peach Garden Roses, peach Calla Lilies, blue Delphinium, green Cymbidium Orchids, Chamomile, and Ivy in a white glass square.

large table

I really love the arrangement on the Sweet heart table.
When we were in Paris this past April, we saw many floral prints on containers and “Liberty” prints on fabric. Here I wrapped Liberty printed fabric on a concrete square and tied it with rope. I think it turned out really nice. I like the organic yet industrial feel of the concrete and the warmth and vintage feel of the fabric. It adds a nice touch. I’d like to see this print as bouquet ribbon.

I also like how Steve made this arrangement in a “French” style. We used ivory Roses, white Godetia, green & blue Hydrangea, ivory Stock, Scabiosa Pods, blue Delphinium, green Button Mums, Allium, peach Calla Lilies, green Cymbidium Orchids, white to pale yellow Wax flowers, Cosmos, Fiddlehead Fern and Ivy. There were some flowers that we could not get but would have loved to use such as Scabiosa flowers and Tweedia. I also would have loved to use Raspberries on the branch.

you can see the napkins with herbs

There were also two smaller companion pieces with peach Roses Eremerus, and Ivy.
Then Steve tied Orchids to brown rope Vine another nice touch. You can see also see this on a previous post (July 30th wedding at the garrison).

Each napkin had a pocket fold with a menu card, Chamomile and flowering Oregano tied with Raffia.

a closer look- you can see the fabric and texture of the linen

Finally, we took this great opportunity to make a bouquet. In this bouquet we had green Brunia (look like berries, you usually see them in silver), Scabiosa Pods, peach Garden Roses, peach Zinnia, peach Snap Dragon, white Lisianthus, flowering Mint, white and pink Wax flowers, blue Delphinium, ivory Stock, Chamomile and Cosmos. I tied it with Green tea ribbon and rope.

To see more photos- check out  Matthew Lee, the photographer for this shoot- Cy Creations. He does great work.

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